Play by Play – 2/24/14 “Best College Hoops Conference”



Hello all and happy Monday!  Sorry we haven’t posted in a few days, both Zach and I have been quite busy, but we’re back on track now and exited to give to you today’s Play by Play.  There’s a lot of discussion and talk throughout the college basketball world about which conference is the best.  Depending on the day, strong arguments could be made for many different conferences.  Here’s our take on it:

Zach, in your opinion, what is the best conference is college basketball today?

I am in love with college hoops and absolutely love to watch most any basketball game I can because it is so very exciting. Allow me a two to three sentence tangent about how only in college basketball is there a constant tradition of classy coaches, magical arenas and a more spread out dominance from year to year. On a college football field, while the sport is great, the SEC is dominant every single year. I have lost that loving feeling towards football, and college basketball has gained a whole lot of my admiration. To me the question of which conference is the best really comes down to two: The Big 12 and Big 10. Next in line would be the ACC in my book, but to me there is a notable drop off between the first two and the third one. Right now I am of the opinion that it will be a Big 10 team that wins the tourney at the end of March/early April. With that being said, the conference from top to bottom that I believe is the best is the Big 12. Now, I think as a viewer and judge of the two conferences, we are really just splitting hairs and it’s a matter of game to game when comparing the two. The top teams of the Big 10 look more geared towards NCAA tournament dominance but right now in the regular season of basketball, I give the nod to the Big 12. Any team in the Big 12 is capable of beating the other, when it comes time for the Big 12 tourney, I think it will be next to impossible to predict the winner. My bias leads me to believe that Iowa State will win that one, but lets not count out Oky State or Kansas or Baylor or Texas or… You get my point! I believe this week, the RPI agrees with me that the Big 12 is the best, but heck for all we know the Big 10 could take over that next week. Either way, there is no better sport than college basketball!

What conference do you think reigns supreme, Chase?

Well, its been a little over a week since I did my homework on this one, but the numbers haven’t changed that much and I still stand by my argument.

The ACC is always in the conversation.  Syracuse, Virginia, Duke, UNC, always powerhouses.  But the B1G and the Big 12 are by far better top to bottom.  Big 12 – Kansas, K State, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Texas.  Big 10- Michigan, MSU, Ohio State, Iowa, Wisconsin.  All great teams.  By team record, the Big 10 is better top to bottom.  By ranking, Big 10 has 5 in top 25(MSU#9, Michigan#15, Iowa#16, Wisconsin#21, Ohio State#22) vs Big 12 having 3 in top 25(Kansas#9, ISU#11, Texas#19).  So if all you look at is the rankings the Big 10 is the better conference.  However, I’m still going to say the Big 12 is better overall.  After those top 5 teams in the Big 10, it immediately drops off to teams who are mediocre and have no chance of making it far in the Big Dance.  In the Big 12, almost everyone except TCU has a chance of beating the other, or better yet being the dark horse of the 2014 NCAA tourney.  If we go off of ESPN’s BPI rankings, Big 12’s average is 75.72.  Big 10’s average BPI ranking is 75.525.  Very close, but even with the Big 10’s top 5 power teams, they still come up short.  That’s with TCU scoring an underwhelming 47.9.  Both conferences, though, powerhouses in college basketball and make the game what it is: incredible.


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