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Play by Play – 2/19/14 “Final Four Predictions”



We’re half way through February and we are quickly approaching the most exiting month in sports!  March Madness will be here before we know it.  Who will be the lucky teams to make it to the Final Four?  Here’s Zach and Chase’s take on that.

Chase, if you had to pick a final four right now with not having seen any sort of bracketology, who would they be?

This is a tough question.  Especially with college basketball when almost any team can beat any other team.  Although, I don’t expect to see “South-West Montana Technical Institute Upsets Duke” in the headlines anytime soon.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  Syracuse is a no brainer.  They are by far the best team in college basketball today and as long as their entire team doesn’t eat some bad seafood during the NCAA Tourney, they shouldn’t have anything to worry about.  Duke is a team people love to write off, but if anyone can rally their troops, Coach K can.  They have a legitimate chance, especially if their bracket placing is well for them, to go all the way.  Kansas is a good team.  They are every year.  No questions asked.  As much as I absolutely despise them, they win.  And that’s what it takes. Finally rounding off the top four I am going to choose Villanova.  Average over 80 points per game, 16.5 assists, and almost 38 boards; that’s a recipe for any team to go all the way.  


Zach, what is your take on the Final Four?

Looking at the landscape of the NCAA basketball, I would really love to believe that this year we will have representatives from four different conferences. That being said, my logical side tells me otherwise so I will give you two different scenarios. If we are so fortunate as to have four different conferences represented in the final four I would say this Big 12- Kansas, Big 10- Wisconsin, ACC- Duke, Missouri Valley- Wichita State Shockers. My other, more logical scenario looks a bit more like this, Duke, Kansas, Michigan State, and Wisconsin. Notice the only real difference is putting Michigan State in instead of Wichita State. The Big 10 is stacked solid this year no doubt, and Izzo is never to be doubted, same with Coach K. Also, notice how I don’t have Syracuse or Arizona in my Final Four. While I have a great respect for Coach Boheim and his program, I just do not see them hanging on until the end. Also, I am not a believer in Arizona. In my belief their competition has not been equal to those in the Big 12 and Big 10 have had to face. But, I will leave that discussion for tomorrow when we give our opinions on the best conferences in basketball.